Website Builders and CMS

Websites are our tools to learn, to socialize, to be entertained, to vent, to find like-minded people, to keep in touch with old friends, to store our memories. The functions they serve are endless. But can these websites be built without code? While coding will never go out of use, new tools like Website Builders and CMS helps one to build a website without resorting to code.

Website Builders

What Are Website Builders?

Website builders are tools that are used to build a website. These do not require manual edits of the coding - this is automatically done as you choose the functionalities required for the website.

What is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System and refers to a web-based application that allows many users to manage a website. Creating, modifying, archiving, publishing and collaboration of content and data is possible through CMS.

Types of Website Builders

Website Builders come in two types:

  1. Online website builders, which work in a web browser. These do not require one to download software to pay for hosting separately.
  2. Offline website builders, where the software is downloaded. This allows you to work on the website offline, but you will have to pay money for and have enough technological know-how to upload your webpages to a host.
Types of CMS

Types of CMS

CMS come in various types based on the content to be managed, for example an Enterprise CMS that manages an organization's content and a Mobile CMS, which manages content on smartphones and other hand-held smart devices.

A Web CMS, used to build websites,can be proprietary or open source. Proprietary CMS are developed by companies and require a license to be used. Proprietary may only work if hosted by the company that builds the CMS. Open source CMS, on the other hand, can be modified and used as needed.

Benefits of Website Builders

  1. A website builder is very simple to use.
  2. Website builders have inbuilt themes.
  3. Website builders do not need to be hosted separately.
  4. Website builders usually have inbuilt SEO tools.

Benefits of CMS

  1. Level of customization is very high.
  2. Paying for hosting ensures you retain complete ownership of your website and content.
  3. Custom themes can also be designed.
  4. Plugins can be created from scratch to serve the exact purpose the customer requires.
  5. Large websites, with numerous pages, can be built using CMS.
  6. CMS websites are better indexed and read by search engines, leading to better SEO.
Website Builders and CMS

What We Can Do?

  1. Nonstop Corporation can help you identify which type of tool you need to build and maintain your website.
  2. If a Website Builder is more suitable for your needs, we will help you identify the right one.
  3. We will work with your design and develop the website using website builders.
  4. If, on the other hand, you need to use a CMS, our designers and developers are well-versed in using the three most popular CMS - WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.
  5. We will help you in creating a plan for your website, and develop the website, with all the required plugins to serve your purpose.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Our web development services are numerous, customizable and a cut above everyone else. To know more, contact us.