Web Programming

Think of your favourite website. Is it a static page, with text, pictures and perhaps a few hyperlinks? Or is it a more dynamic page that allows you to interact with the website and offers many more features to bet? We are willing to bet it is the latter. But how are such sites built? How does a web browser know that when someone accesses a particular website, some particular feature needs to be shown? Welcome to the world of web programming.

What is Web Programming?

What is Web Programming?

Web programming is simply the process of telling the web browsers how to show a page. It involves coding in HTML and XML, which are markup languages, and building functionality of the website using other coding languages such as JavaScript, Perl, Ruby on Rails, Python etc. Web programming involves coding in various languages, database building & management, and scripting on server and client sides, all the while keeping a keen focus on user’s experience.

Types of Web Programming

Three types of web programming are in vogue. These are:

Client side : The focus here is on providing information to and getting information from the users of the website or web application. Such programming is also used to generate the right plugins for a good user experience. Security applications also fall into this category. HTML, CSS, JavaScript are the holy trinity of client-side programming.

Server Side : Programming at the server end focuses on storage and retrieval of the information received from the client side. Security is a prime concern here as well, as is performance. Java, MySQL, PHP are extensively used in server-side programming.

Fullstack : This encompasses both server-side and client-side programming.


Benefits of Web Programming

Benefits of Web Programming

Web programming is the basis of the dynamic webpages that we know today. With web programming one can:

  1. Make webpages dynamic, as opposed to the static webpages of the past that simply used HTML.
  2. Make webpages interactive so that the users become an active audience.
  3. Build applications that can be accessed from any computer that is connected to the Internet.
  4. Create special types of tools on your website, such as forums, forms and checklists, comments page etc.

How We Can Help?

We at Nonstop Corporation take pride in our web programming capabilities. Our experienced programmers are competent in both client and server-side scripting. Our team can help you determine the goal of your website, and build the functionality that will help you achieve it. Choosing us would give you access to the following services:

  1. Customized websites, webpages and web applications, according to the requirements given by you.
  2. Creating and operating a chat room on the web.
  3. Creation of e-commerce websites, with online catalogues, shopping carts and secure payment options.
  4. Creating forums and bulletin boards.
  5. Interactive programming.
  6. Image maps that are clickable.
  7. Integration of databases.
  8. Creating customized search engines for the client.
  9. Creating restricted or locked sections on the website.

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