Data entry

For some businesses, Data Entry has become the most significant and important requirement. We have customized data entry services suitable for any kind of business to provide quality outsourcing services. You can choose any of our lucrative plans as per your requirement. We work relentlessly to bring the best quality of data and utmost accuracy and fast turnaround. Our team of skilled and experienced workers focuses on a document with security and privacy of the data keeping the quality and accuracy intact.

 Product Data Entry Services

Why Choose Us:-

  • The computing environment is strictly controlled so that the data is secured with us.
  • Variety of plans to satisfy every kind of data entry.
  • The operators of the data are highly talented.
  • We are different from the other companies of this kind with our responsiveness, flexibility and our ability to execute new processes to help the client in their trouble or difficulty.
  • We provide the maximum level of quality and accuracy at the most reasonable rate.
  • The process of our data entry is considerably fast and precise.
  • We pay equal attention to both small and big projects.

Our Data entry services designed to meet the requirements of every type of businesses, such as:-

  • Data entry is done in large volume in every form- printed, handwritten ,images and domestic level.
  • Data entry services are done even offshore andWe also do web-mining.
  • Online processing of data is provided and Form processing is done.
  • Compliant to Insurance and medical claims such as- HCFA, HIPAA, ADA-94 and UB 92.
  • E-publishing facility is there & OCR cleanup is done.
  • HTML or XML or SGML coding is done along with DTD design & Form processing is done and Analyse the data and reports the same.
  • We are also able to output the data in several types of form which include Excel, MS Word, ASCII, PDF, HTML, SGML, and XML.