Web Analytics

When you have a website, your major interest should be to make sure that it is effective - it has good site traffic, it is impactful and growing your business. How do you measure all this? Web analytics is the answer to this question.

Website Monitoring Service

What is Web Analytics?

Web analytics refers to collecting and measuring web data, then analyzing it to make the website's user experience better and optimize the impact of the website. It is very important as a tool to engage and convert users, as well as a tool that helps in market research.

Web analytics process:

  • Gather data.
  • Process the raw data into usable information.
  • Use the information to create better business strategies.


Types of Web Analytics

There are two types of web analytics.These are:

  1. Off-site analytics:This refers to the measurement of metrics of websites that are not your own. This is needed to understand the potential demand for a website and the type of conversation happening about related topics online.
  2. On-site analytics: This is the analysis of a person's behaviour on your site. This includes seeing if the landing pages are optimized, the web traffic, the rate of conversions.

Benefits of Web Analytics

Web Analytics help in:

  1. Measuring the traffic to your site, understanding where the traffic is coming from and what keywords are most effective in bringing visitors to your website. This helps you understand where you should focus your investment.
  2. It reveals the number of individuals who visited the site. You can know details such as which visitor, from what place, viewed which page more times. You can also know the amount of time spent on a particular page.
  3. Analytics tell you about 'bounced' visits - i.e., when a person comes to your website but leaves without taking any action. This is an important metric to understand user experience, and make it better.
  4. You can gain information about which page the visitor exit from, so that you can optimize that page.
  5. You can identify your target audience, and determine what elements of your campaign are working using web analytics.
  6. You can identify the trends of the future.
Web Analytic Strategy

How We Can Help?

At Nonstop Corporation, we have a team of certified analytics who are well versed in the web analytics tools currently in the market. We offer the following web analytics services:

  1. Perform a complete audit of website and the existing web analytics tools,if any.
  2. Create a better data collection plan, using the metrics that are most useful to your brand.
  3. Analyze the types of visitors - their demographics, their geography and their behaviour.
  4. Help you evaluate whether your website or mobile platform is being used more.
  5. Help you create a new web analytics strategy to improve your website.
  6. Find the right tools to help you understand your website's performance and your ROI.

To use web analytics optimally to grow your brand, reach out to us for more information!