In the expanding virtual world, having a good digital presence is imperative. We understand your needs - increased visibility, great content and a wonderful user experience that leads to better audience engagement. To fulfil all these needs, Search Engine Optimization is a must.

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What is SEO?

SEO is the process which improves the entire website, making it more visible in organic search results and more impactful. It is a way of telling a search engine that you have relevant and useful content. This is done by using various techniques.


Types of SEO:

Search Engine Optimization can be classified into the following types, based on the techniques used:

  1. White-Hat SEO: This follows the best practices guidelines given by Google. Content-Code-Architecture is the mantra here.
  2. Black-Hat SEO: Endless repetition of keywords, using spam links etc., falls under this type. Using such techniques can lead to banning of websites
  3. Grey-Hat SEO: This is a type of SEO that uses both white-hat and black-hat techniques. There are no clear-cut guidelines, so it is strictly not against the rules.

Our mission is to use white-hat SEO techniques to make sure your website one of the first few results shown by search engines when a user types in a keyword related to your content.

Based on where the optimization technique is being used, SEO is classified into:

  1. On-website techniques focus on improving content, code and architecture.
  2. Credibility, authority, popularity are off-website factors.

We mainly use on-website (on-page) techniques in our SEO process, and can help you create and implement a strategy for off-page SEO as well.

Benefits of SEO:

  1. SEO means better ranks, which leads to more traffic.
  2. SEO techniques are measurable, and can be tracked and monitored. This means you will see the impact before your eyes.
  3. SEO improves the website navigation and makes it more usable.
  4. SEO can help you create, grow and maintain a brand.
  5. SEO is very inexpensive compared to marketing techniques.
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Our Services

  1. We offer a complete analysis of the existing website and report the strong and weak points of your website.
  2. We can help you do an in-depth research into possible keywords.
  3. Content is king in the virtual world, so we focus on creating engaging content.
  4. We also examine the code and website architecture to make sure that best practices are being followed.

Do you want your website rankings to go beyond anything you dream? We can help you! For more information on SEO and the techniques we use, please contact us.